Turn ideas into stunning visuals

Template Farm turns After Effects projects to simple & intuitive web templates. Enabling producers to modify templates from anywhere at anytime & create new content on the go.

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Release the bottleneck between design & production

Producers require more visual content than ever before. But they often lack the technical knowledge to create the visual content themselves. With Template Farm, producers can populate templates created by graphic designers online and produce new content from anywhere at anytime.

Use Cases

Simplify Workflow - Increase Productivity

Automated Promos

Create multiple versions of your promo with a click of a button. No more manual modification for each time zone or language.

Wipers & Transitions

Build transitions and wipers for every player in the league and create a much richer viewing experience for your audiences.

Design Elements

Automate and version any element in your design pipeline, such as lower thirds, bugs, stings, logos, and more. With Template Farm you can speed up production even more by connecting data files such as CSV or XLS to batch render your elements.

Social Media

Build content for social media across multiple teams and manage everything within a single platform.


Focus on people, process & experience!

Template Farm has helped create an environment in which our content creators can version on-brand elements 24/7, allowing designers and creatives to shift focus toward unique and custom work.  We’ve been able to leverage our talent differently as a result and build fluid workflows for production.  Content creators love the immediate gratification and the ability to turn content more quickly, while creatives appreciate being free from versioning and onto higher-end creative projects.

Lisa Clingan-Cruz | Director of Creative Design

Template Farm frees up our designers to focus on creating new and innovative graphics, all while giving our producers the tools to create daily assets on the fly. It improves speed, efficiency, and the volume we can produce to create richer graphic packages for our shows!

Zachary Ares | Senior Motionographer

Template Farm has allowed our designers to focus their time on designing more custom graphics while also letting our producers create and get many of their graphics to their editors nearly instantly.

Jason Bube | Art Director

Template Farm has become an indispensable tool in our daily production. It’s freed our artists from monotonous,  repetitive production and allowed them to focus their efforts on larger, bespoke work. By democratizing graphics production, it’s also put control in the hands of our producers. All in all, it’s been critical in our ability to deliver consistent, engaging visuals with great efficiency.

Thomas Parrinello|Director of Post-Production