How does it work?

Template Farm connects local After Effects instances to a cloud platform that automates the modification and creation of After Effects projects from anywhere.
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Full control of Adobe After Effects projects online

See how easy it is to create templates for Template Farm in Adobe After Effects. No coding and with no plugin installation is required. With Template Farm, users get a complete control of the project online. With multiple UI elements available to make the editing process as simple and user friendly as possible.

Text Fields

Change text layers content in any composition

Image Browsers

Upload images from you pc. Paste image URLs directly from the web. Crop and reposition directly in the browser


Minimize production errors by giving producers a pre-defined set of options to choose from

Color Pickers

Control the color of any solid automatically and change entire design themes with a single click.


Sliders and other expression controls can be automatically exposed as native UI elements in your templates.


Control visibility of layers without changing their opacity.

Client App
The Farmer is a light-weight client app installed on a local PC. The farmer monitors a pre-defined shared folder and turns AE projects into Template Farm templates.

Control After Effects

Once you have your templates available in Template Farm, you can modify and populate them with new information and produce new versions of your content. Template Farm communicates with the Farmer in real-time and your local After Effects instance will render the new template.

Turn AE instances into a render farm

Connect multiple AE instances to your account to create render clusters. Template Farm will monitor and manage the load balancing between all AE instances turning them into a cloud managed render farm.

Measure your content peformance
Learn how your graphics is being utilized across your organization. Make better decisions while prioritizing content creation and optimize your graphic designers time.
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